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Variety Leads to Harmony

Here at Bayflower, we work everyday to ensure the best flowers, from the best farmers go into our jars. We constantly seek out artisans of the industry who love doing what they do best, growing cannabis... whether it be outside in the all-natural sunshine, in a warehouse under highly controlled environmental conditions, or anywhere in between. 

Get Up, and Get Going!

Bayflower sativa strains tend to be high in terpenes like Limonene to give you that euphoric and energetic boost you are looking for when you want to get up, rev up or even turn up. Whether you need to buckle down on a work project and meet your deadline, head out to train for that 5k you want to run, tap into your creative soul to produce your next masterpiece, or tear up the dance floor with your friends, we’ve got the productively active vibes you are seeking. 

A View From the Top 

It’s no secret that California’s Emerald Triangle is one of the finest agricultural regions on planet Earth and we love to showcase the full spectrum terpene profiles and subtle flavor notes and aroma this fertile terroir provides.

Kenny Creek Farms is a family owned operation deep in the heart of redwood country. The founders have had their roots in the community since the 70’s, and the terroir is in their blood. The farm is situated over the fog where it gets optimal all day sun, and cool ocean breezes at night. 

Get Happy and Find Harmony

Bayflower hybrid strains tend to provide a nice euphoria balanced with a soothing calm. Like that feeling you get when the work day is done, and its time to let the good times roll. You don’t necessarily want to sink into your couch, and its not time to get all amped up, these are best enjoyed for chill social events like a games night with a few friends. With Bayflower Hybrids, its not daytime or nighttime... its just time to enjoy the feeling of living your best life. 

Humboldt Heaven

Nestled among the tallest trees in the world, and not far from the barely touched rocky beaches sits Mazari Farms, along with the rest of the Humboldt Growers Network. Generations of growers share their combined experience with each other as the crisp, clean air and fertile soil nourishes the plants. Outdoor farms and modern greenhouses work in tandem to harness the terpene inducing full spectrum of sunlight and bring modern agricultural science to cultivate some of the finest cannabis ever to flow from the Humboldt Hills.  

Rest Inducing Indica 

Bayflower Indica strains tend to be high in Myrcene providing a heavy hit of restful relaxation. Ideal for melting into your couch or snuggling up in bed while you binge watch your favorite show or movies. 

Prerolls and Quickies™

Not a pipe person? Perhaps you are heading over to a session with your friends and need something a bit more portable than a jar. Maybe you are heading out with your doggo and just need a small “j” for the walk.... we have got you covered. Bayflower’s strains are available in 1 gram prerolls and our mini-joints called Quickies™, which we call an “eighth on-the-go.”

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